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In a Mastermind grand final, self-invested pensions would be our specialist subject. It’s a world we know like the back of our hand, specialising in steering the wise investments that advisers and their company director clients have available to them.

Being always fully up-to-speed with the legislative differences between the British and Irish jurisdictions, means we offer unrivalled product spec and service on both sides of the Irish Sea, including, where possible, recognising the best times to switch funds between the two. That’s a lot of knowledge to get your head around, and we’re proud to stand out as one of the very best teams to talk to.

There is no such thing as a SIPP in Ireland, making the PSG SSAS even more important.  We recognise this and are here to help professional advisers communicate the advantages to their clients, both while they’re in business and later in retirement.

Many companies have hardly been rolling in clover for the last few years and must wonder when at least relatively good times will return. Whether in times of economic uncertainty or prosperity, a SSAS can make all the difference to companies and their key members of staff as well as directors.

Our SSAS is like a big piece of graph paper with a business’s long-term goals and milestones carefully laid out. Advisers are able to effectively plot a journey towards those goals navigating around the economic position of both the company and the country. With forward thinking, the PSG SSAS can be the key to your best business plan.

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We invite professional advisers to get in touch and find out just how good the PSG SSAS is and what it can do for you and your clients.

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  • No restrictions on investments
  • Expert, portfolio-based administration
  • No hidden charges and no percentage-based fees
  • Continued access to the most senior team members
  • The gateway to a more efficient business model