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Charmian has left us for good

It was nearly a year ago that Charmian ruined my day by announcing her intention to retire.  The prospect of losing a trusted, knowledgeable and conscientious Portfolio Manager that we’d worked with for years was bad enough, but

the realisation that this also meant we could kiss goodbye to the worlds best sausage rolls at Christmas was just too much.

Back then, we were able to persuade Charmian to initially just reduce her hours instead of retire and use her time to train colleagues and to help complete projects that would benefit from her experience and expertise.  We were always living on borrowed time though and no amount of chocolate was going to change that.

Charmian has had a long and interesting career but whilst clearly being more than capable of excelling at any one of the things she’s turned her hand to, her personality and her priorities are such that she has never sought the limelight nor the plaudits (she’ll cringe reading this) that others can often crave, even if any employer I know would sooner hire ten Charmians than abide a day with one of the Apprentice generation over confident clones that seem to grow on trees.

Charmian has worked in Science Research environments (and still retains a great love of Science), Banking and of course the heady and glamorous world of Self Invested Pensions.  Wherever she has gone and whoever she has worked with, they have benefited from having her there and from knowing her.  This is certainly very true for us and our clients.  

So it is with great sadness that on Wednesday 26th June, we shared our last happy day in the office with our friend and colleague in the only way we know how on any kind of occasion; with food and no small amount of it. 

“I have multiple business interests and when it comes to marrying those with my pension arrangements, I require something other than run of the mill.  Teaming up with PSG to achieve my varied objectives has proved that such a thing exists and they back it all up with a service you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere too.”

Ian Haddock, Rockwater Healthcare Ltd


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