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Pension backed Mortgages

Client background

Facing some hefty tax penalties they could not have foreseen, they were looking to see if their pension funds could yet save the day. 

The challenge

Not so long ago Pension Backed Mortgages were all the rage (along with Endowment backed ones – but that’s another story) and the idea was solid enough.  Invest in a pension scheme and trust in the Tax Free Cash element being sufficient to pay off the capital element of your loan at retirement.  What could go wrong? 

One of our clients found themselves at the wrong end of change in legislation which nearly left their carefully laid plans in tatters.

Our input

By maintaining a close partnership with the client’s trusted Advisers, we worked to put the client in a position where they’d lost none of the control they’d had of their property.  We also put them in stronger financial position, not just in terms of cash in the bank, but also strengthening their position with their bank for future transactions whilst not having to worry about their mortgage, or their Tax Free Cash. 

The outcome

The magic bit

As usual, we aren’t about to go giving our trade secrets away when many a sleepless night has been endured to bring them into being.  Also as usual; there are plenty of additional benefits of this process that we’d sooner divulge at a meeting if you really wanted to know more, or felt this situation echoed the situation you or some of your clients find themselves in.

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“It has been important to me and Jean to have things set out in plain understandable terms, this you have always done for us.  We consider the way you are handling things for us to be first class and we look forward to your further help in the future.”

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