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Client background

This situation was picked up by the company Accountant who knew of our unique skills, solutions and our refreshing attitude towards deploying them.

The challenge

In the swirling, never resting world of Financial Services where the various regulatory bodies police the busy shipping lanes and, to stave off boredom, constantly change the rules and introduce brand new ones, it pays to be a racing yacht rather than a dodgy super tanker with a drunk at the helm.

When you read the background, it’s not obvious what to do about this.  In fact, most people probably wouldn’t even look at it as a problem or a challenge, but instead merely as the situation it was and one that would improve as the loan was repaid and property values increased, or at least returned to previous levels.  Until then, business as usual.  Well, we aren’t most people and fortunately for the clients, neither is their accountant.  Let’s take another peek at the key issues:

Our input

This might not be an everyday set of circumstances here, but isn’t it comforting that there is someone out there who can look at this, and not just clearly see where the client needs to get to, but know how to navigate that course?

Thanks to the expert knowledge of the clients’ accountant, we were able to work in tandem with them on the design of a solution to all of this.

The outcome

The magic bit

Thanks to the considered opinion and specialist understanding of the tax system the Accountant has, the sound financial advice and technical expertise provided by the client’s Adviser, along with our carefully structured processes and solutions, we put the client in a position where they no longer needed to pay out on unnecessary tax bills, struggle to find lines of credit and leave their single largest asset; their property, potentially exposed to creditors.

What is just as interesting is that we could tell you about plenty of additional benefits of this process but that’d be giving a little too much away just now.  Instead, if this situation rings a bell or you like the fluid way that we can and do tack and gybe like a racing yacht and you’d like to talk to us to find out what we did and to see if we can help you and your clients, now and in the future, we’d prefer to fill in the blanks at a meeting.

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"PSG weren’t just prepared to fit around my schedule and put the time into explaining, face to face, how it would all work, they also sent senior members of their Management Team half way across the country at the drop of hat to provide further assistance.  Their ability to deliver complex solutions is matched by their attitude towards customer service.  I look forward to continuing to work with PSG."

Jon Tibbs
JT Associates


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