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Tracey Faulkner

Portfolio Administrator

Direct line: 01249 280026

Tracey has been with us since June 2011 and we soon realised that she perfectly epitomises the qualities we look for when growing our team of administrators.  Trained diligently by one of our former Portfolio Managers, Tracey is trainee turned trainer and somehow, despite currently averaging less than 30 hours a week, looks after a full portfolio of clients, is Line Manager and trainer to two junior administrators and looks after a lot of our HR stuff too.  Just as well she's one of those unflapable types who just gets on with it and someone who manages to always put the needs of clients first whilst always making time for those she is training.  Tracey is working hard to make it to Portfolio Manager and with further recruitment planned in the coming months, she will have ample opportunity to demonstrate how deserving she is of that role.  Look for updates on this nearer the end of 2015.

Tracey has shown the kind of commitment to PSG that most employers would kill for but seldom get, she believes in what we do and how we do it and our clients and introducers recognise that they are dealing with someone they can trust.

What makes Tracey tick?

In keeping with most of the PSG team, Tracey drinks a lot of tea but she is also driven by proving to herself that not having the industry background that others at PSG do is not a barrier to progression nor a shortcoming in the provision of first class service.  We knew this from the start but Tracey had to learn through taking on managerial tasks and getting out to meet clients that she is one of the foundations on which our stability and growth are built on. 

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