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Sue Logan

Portfolio Administrator

We should start by pointing out that Sue's job title is a little misleading.  It's true that she is officially a Portfolio Administrator but in reality we were quick to recognise that her skill set, combined with a need for us to be flexible with hours and work location has meant that Sue has carved out a role not dissimilar to aspects of Natalie's.  With a proven track record in Management and an aptitude for handling Management Information and one off projects, Sue has assisted Nat with much of her work and is now working towards promotion to a Management role, we hope later in 2015.

Sue is also our go to team member for anything technical that relates to Benefits, particularly on the regulated side of things.  What with the changes that came into effect in April 2015 being heavily benefits orientated, Sue was well placed to steer us through the run up to the start of the new fiscal year, ensuring that all bases were covered and all internal processes were fully compliant and generally ship shape and bristol fashion.

Extremely organised, efficient and forward thinking, Sue might predominantly work from home but whilst we'd prefer to see more of her, the amount she gets done in her limited hours always makes her feel nearby and very much an essential part of the PSG team.

What makes Sue Tick?

If PSG were to open a dance school (there are currently no plans for this) then Sue would be our instructor, but whilst it might seem at odds for someone as creative as Sue to thrive in such a regulated and controlled environment, her natural ability to prioritise and be single minded fits perfectly with the increasingly autonomous role she is creating for herself here. 

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