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Pearl Belcher

Portfolio Administrator

Direct line: 01249 280025

It was clear at the recruitment stage that Pearl would not take long to progress to having her own portfolio of clients and very at home with them she is too.  Portfolio administration is a specialist role wherever you are but when you factor in how discerning our clients are, how fast and accurately we promise to work and how open our framework is, looking after a portfolio at PSG requires many attributes.  Fortunately Pearl has the right attributes in spades.

Training is never over when you look after the retirement interests and investment decisions of clients in a highly regulated and fast changing industry like this one.  Lucky for us then that Pearl is a perfectionist and an extremely self motivated one at that.  She is always pressing to know as much as she possibly can so that she can offer her clients an increasingly seamless service from inception to retirement.  Pearl has already started to adopt an in-house specialism (it's always dangerous to express an interest in something specific around here) in the form of our pension scheme accounts.

She might not drink tea, but in all other respects Pearl is exactly what our clients have come to expect from PSG.  A talented and hardworking individual who genuinely cares about every aspect of the work she does and takes pride in having responsibility for a portfolio of clients and ensuring the service they receive is what we promised them.

What makes Pearl tick?

Pearl is one of those all too rare individuals who is always looking for the next way to better herself.  Pearl does not believe in things being handed to her on a plate and prefers to acheive her objectives through hardwork and sticking to the plan.  We are pretty sure that Pearl will continue to seek out new challenges and take on more responsibilities as we grow and she grows with us. 

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