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In offering pension products that are in stark contrast to the humdrum that make up the vast majority of the industry, you’ll hear us bang on about how we don’t force square pegs into round holes.  By providing our Aspire SIPP alongside our full-blown, no holds barred Open SIPP, we make sure that advisers have both Ferrari and Ford in their garage; excellent brands with predictable build quality, superb craftsmanship and valuable after-sales service.

Recognising that not all investors need the full flexibility of unrestricted SIPPs, why should they have to pay the prices that come with that unrestricted flexibility?  Better suited for less complicated investments, the Aspire SIPP is a safe and sturdy platform, built with the same attention to detail and backed by the same unrivalled support as our Open SIPP.

Unlike our Open SIPP, the Aspire SIPP is set up on a Master Trust basis with unrestricted options when it comes to receiving benefits.

Think of the Open SIPP as the supercar in your showroom (but without the hideous fuel or servicing bills) and the Aspire SIPP as the safe, reliable family car that will take you all around town but with less of the bells and whistles that’d have Jeremy Clarkson frothing at the mouth.  Each performs admirably, so it’d be wrong to assume that the Aspire SIPP is a ‘lite’ version or a glorified personal pension.

Importantly, should the need arise to invest in something more bespoke, any client can ‘upgrade’ their Aspire SIPP to our Open SIPP, effortlessly and seamlessly.  It’s a clever alternative for smart advisers looking after the interests of astute clients.

What next?

It’s always better when potential SIPP clients receive input and the advice of an independent financial adviser authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  We invite professional advisers to get in touch and find out just how good the Aspire SIPP is and what it can do for you and your clients.

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Product features

  • Reasonable and realistic setup and annual fees
  • No hidden charges
  • Considerate portfolio-based administration
  • Master Trust but with greater control and flexibility than other providers will offer
  • Maximum choice on taking benefits