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PSG Technical Consultancy

Whilst you would comfortably turn to your GP to top up with the latest flu vaccine, you’d almost certainly prefer a referral to a specialist when the ailment concerned is more severe.  With a specialist, you are reassured that they consider the specific circumstances of your medical history, report back in detail on each and every contra-indication, and sort out the facts from the unfounded fears.  When all is taken into account properly, the final diagnosis could be very different from that initially thought and the best course of action will relate directly to you as an individual.

When off-the-shelf prescriptions simply aren’t sufficient, we’re here to help you create your own remedy.  This is never truer than in the case of corporate finances and self-invested pension arrangements.  Aside from the obvious fact that PSG is not authorised to give advice, we really wouldn’t want to.  What works for us is taking on the role of adviser’s secret weapon and developing a relationship with a professional adviser to help deliver the best advice to their clients.  Even accountants, stockbrokers, solicitors and financial advisers need to refer to specialists once in a while.

Things don’t have to get complicated and that’s what our menu-based fees are all about. However, if and when an individual’s circumstances do require something more akin to a plan detailing complex transactions and demanding a host of specialists, using a technical consultant becomes the wise move.

With regard to self-administered pensions, making the best choices for your clients may appear overly complicated. If, as an adviser, you dip your toe in these waters only occasionally, you can’t really be expected to pre-empt what lies around the corner.  We spend much of every day making sense of some of the more complicated bits of the world of pensions for those less at home at the sharp end of Self Investment.  Therefore to us, it’s not complicated. It’s what gets us up in the morning.

A Technical Consultant should do more than just work closely with you to design a plan for your client.  So our experts also project manage the plan’s deployment for you, continually engaging brain to reflect on and react to changes in circumstances, legislation or as is often the case, a client's evolving priorities.

What next?

We have a track record of highlighting the problems that hadn’t been spotted as well as addressing those that are more obvious.  If you have a client in need of pensions expertise that extends beyond your resources, please get in touch; our bespoke technical consultancy service could be just what you’re looking for.

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Service features

  • Back-office consultancy leaves you in control of your relationship with your client
  • Resource to handle a huge number of specialist transactions in-house
  • Ability to pull in additional resource from trusted experts where necessary 
  • Very high level of one-to-one contact from company directors
  • Joined up thinking and proven ability to demonstrate clear benefits of solutions
  • Free initial consultation means no obligation to proceed, just an opportunity to see if we can help