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Brewdog are one of those rare companies that every now then come along, stick two v’s to the norm and disrupt a rather stiff and passionless industry. They are both admirable and inspiring in their determination to keep things authentic and have quickly carved themselves out a huge, successful chunk of the craft-beer market. Oh and they also happen to make good beer as well.  

They don’t mind courting a bit of controversy but seem to only do so as a result of not taking themselves too seriously. But where they are very serious is in their commitment to ensuring happy customers and a great, unique brand.

These commitments are at the core of what they do, often resulting in some tough decisions and clever ideas that have helped them keep their integrity and stay truly unique. Over a quick 7-year growth they’ve refused to sell out when they really needed to expand to survive, instead selling stakes in the brewery directly to their customers and have even been ballsy enough to break off association with fellow independent brewers, whenever they’ve decided to sell out to one of the big boys.

A brand that PSG aspires to be, built to be instantly recognisable across the land, known for keeping things honest, authentic and refreshing in approach.  One, that founding member James Watt, rightfully believes “disrupts conventions and breaks taboos, just like the beer they hold within them”*.

The aggressive, outrageous, infuriating (and ingenious) rise of BrewDog, The Guardian, 24 March 2016


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