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Welcome to our website

From the smallest one man band, to the biggest global brand, pretty much every company has a website these days.  Quite right too, or at least for the most part.  Having a website is all very well and good, but even if you have reached the sort of size or are in the sort of industry where you’d be mad to continue without one, you need to think long and hard about what it’s going to say about you.

As you may have noticed, the design and build of a website isn’t exactly something that we rushed into.  However, before you go accusing us of plain old tardiness on this important front, I should point out that we didn’t spend those relatively low profile years twiddling our thumbs and ignoring the fact that having no web presence would potentially become a bit of an embarrassment one day.

If I may massively oversimplify a point here, what we do is provide and administer pension schemes.  Whilst we are doing so, what we always keep in mind is that our clients don’t; they are busy doing what they do.  It might sound simple, but what I’m alluding to here is that there’s just too much of a tendency, across all industries, to assume levels of knowledge that it’s unreasonable to expect anyone outside that industry to have.

What the Dickens has this got to do with our website you may ask?  Well, it’s all about understanding what you need and then choosing your expert wisely.  After all, we are always educating people that putting independent expertise ahead of a simple cost-based criterion is the best way to proceed, so it would have been hypocritical of us to rush into a website based on nothing more than the cheapest quote when we didn’t understand what we wanted our website to do and perhaps just as importantly, what we didn’t want it to do.

We also noticed how many websites simply shout about ‘what’ that company does, which isn’t very helpful in choosing one service provider over another.  Surely it’s ‘how’ you go about it that makes a service appealing.  Any one company from a huge pool of website designers could have built our site but we needed someone who could add the ‘how’ and ‘why’ around the ‘what’.

Financial Services providers in particular seem to be guilty of defaulting to ‘template’ websites, where all they’re doing is putting their logo and colour palette into a vast website full of generic content. But PSG doesn’t ‘do’ generic and we don’t just brand our own version of template pensions either.

What you see here is the result of building a relationship with the right kind of experts; experts who understand that their reputation is irrevocably linked to how satisfied their clients are from the first meeting, to the completion of the project.  It’s how we work and how we like our Professional Partners to work.

This website reflects PSG’s personality but is no mere marketing gimmick designed to exploit an obvious gap in the market.  Sure, we did the homework and looked at how everyone else presented themselves, but we didn’t decide to look totally different for the sake of it.  A big part of our message is that we are problem solvers.  Yes, you can have your pension scheme, whipped off the shelf and lovingly gift wrapped; no problem at all.  We’ll see to it that you get value for money and service that’s second to none.  However, what we really pride ourselves on is our natural desire to look beyond the obvious and to work with Professional Advisors to create something that fits around the individual rather than force the individual into a product-shaped hole.

Ever looked at a website for a company that comes under the banner of Financial Services and wondered at the sheer mediocrity of the thing?  We did.  I lost count of how many photos we came across of smug retired couples walking their terrier on the beach, or suited execs shaking hands, or Canary Wharf or even, yes, just bundles of cash.  Let’s be honest, it’s nigh on impossible to use stock imagery to effectively communicate what you are all about without ending up with a website that just looks like everyone else’s.

So we approached the design and build of our website with exactly the same mindset that we are always helping advisers to adopt when approaching a review of their clients’ financial situations. By this I mean that we came up with a brief of what we really wanted to achieve and then passed the whole thing onto our chosen expert to let them think around it.  After all, why consult an expert if you are going to ignore them?

Finally, most of us would agree that websites, as interactive as they can be and as essential as they are these days, are still just shop windows to the business.  We can’t fit all our wares into our window which means that there are loads more things inside that you really ought to look at.  Enjoy the site but don’t forget to give us a call if you want to know more.    

If you provide a service that makes promises and then delivers on them, you too will understand the importance of relationships. Check out the promises we’re proud to be able to make.      

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