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PSG launch new SIPP

Everyone knows that since their launch over twenty years ago, SIPPs have been putting sliced bread to shame.  Nigel Lawson’s final budget gave birth to what soon went on to become one of the great success stories of the pensions industry.

However, plenty of water has passed under the bridge since then but far from SIPPs popularity waning, the market place has become a bafflingly enormous retail park with the appearance of more choice than you could take advantage of if you lived a thousand lifetimes.  Well, we can’t all be Dorian Gray and let’s face it, you’d need the world’s biggest pension pot and the cleverest advice to fund immortality.  Not even we can help you there.

So, how do you choose? How do advisers advise?  Sometimes it seems as though there are more SIPPs and SIPP providers out there than people to have one.  Well now, this is something we may be able to help with.

We are always comforted by the fact that we are not authorised to provide advice.  Life can be tricky enough as a provider without the added stress of keeping abreast of what everyone is up to so that considered and well informed advice can be offered to the general public, sophisticated investors or not.  However, what we know is that this apparent embarrassment of riches is not so dissimilar to the world of supermarkets.  It is an illusion of choice whilst actually offering you very little indeed and too little of it bestowed with any real quality.

We always knew that our first SIPP, on gaining authorisation, had to be one that would fit with our SSAS business and our general ethos and that’s tempting to refer to as ‘true’ or ‘full’.  Leaving such marketing monikers aside for the moment, in essence, it had to be a SIPP that allowed for the maximum possible control for the client with the minimum possible restrictions on investments.

This is what our Aspire SIPP was from day one and always will be.  We took a look at what most people were offering, even at the ‘bespoke’ end of things and then shoved our flag in the ground a bit further on and a bit higher up from there.  There’s your boundary at one end of the SIPP world.  Now, we might argue (and we’d not be alone) that this is surely what SIPPs are supposed to look like and that anything short of this is not a SIPP, it’s a Personal Pension run by a Life Office that wants to get into the SIPP market but is too big to run the product properly (such cynicism).  This might be true all too often, but certainly doesn’t have to be the case.

This brings us to the other boundary, the one at the base camp of the SIPP mountain (if you will).  Don’t get us wrong, the popularity of SIPPs is great and has given the tired old pensions world a much needed shot in the arm.  The fact remains though that a huge number of the ‘SIPPs’ on offer, fall a long way short of offering what can be offered and what many in the industry would argue should be offered by SSAS’s cocky younger sibling.

So, when you already have a SIPP out there that is proud to offer full and uncompromised flexibility, control and investment options, where do you go when launching a new one to run alongside it?

Its catalyst, as with so many of the things we come to do, wasn’t the most obvious or conventional start to the design of a new product.  Born out a belief that a SIPP could be rendered cost effective for clients whilst facilitating very specific investment transactions not available to personal pensions and still benefitting from PSG’s client focused portfolio administration, we discovered that we’d come up with the perfect second place on the podium to the Aspire SIPP; the PSG Advantage SIPP.

This is no cynical attempt to occupy some middle ground and mop up in the areas that the better Life Offices or bigger providers are operating in, nor is it representative of the SIPPs on offer at base camp.  The PSG Advantage SIPP provides first class service and access to myriad investment options and the ability to upgrade to an Aspire SIPP at any point, but with a charging structure to rival other products that will only prove to be considerably blander when tasted.

If you want silver service with your SIPP and everything that means to us; speed, consideration, accuracy, integrity etc but you have no desire to use your SIPP to invest in property, have a look at our Advantage SIPP; it might make a lot of sense.

“PSG took the time to build a relationship with me, they understand what I need and they’ve got the technical expertise and customer service to consistently meet the high standards expected by our clients”

Gary Neill

Ashtree Financial Services


Our Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) stands out from the crowd, put together using our trade’s top drawer tools and looked after by some of the brightest brains in the business.

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