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A question for anyone who’s ever sat down and played a video game out there: Would you ever consider buying a game or console that looks great on the surface, has been brilliantly advertised to you but when you actually got round to playing it, you found it was a dull experience and did nothing exciting or new?

Well this is something Nintendo is always thinking about when they create a product; fun, new experiences. The guys behind one of the largest entertainment companies in the world aren’t a bunch of men in suits, they’re huge gamers and that passion comes across in everything they do. Being consumers of their own products and having that experience and passion means they really know what works well and what doesn’t with their customers, and they’re never afraid to do things a little differently. Whilst the other big boys work hard to please big third party publishers and ensure they are creating hardware products that allow for games with eye watering budgets and ultra-realistic graphics, Nintendo tend to do their own thing and instead focus on something nobody else has thought of. Think controllers which allow you to play virtual tennis and bowling or a tablet device which allows you to take your favourite home console games with you anywhere on the go.

Quality is something that also really matters to the godfathers of Mario and Zelda. Nintendo are renowned for taking their time with developing new products and when they do, it’s always a highly polished thing of beauty. Why? Because these guys know that aside from creating fun, happy experiences, it should also be one that’s free of frustration too. After all, who really wants to sit down and play their favourite game, only to find that instead they're made to watch an update bar slowly trickle across their T.V screens whilst all of the bugs and issues are being removed.

All great stuff that we at PSG think makes for a truly special company.


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