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Important changes at the PSG Board

The Pension Solutions Group Ltd has never been conventional and never will be.  We pride ourselves on offering advisers and clients a meaningful alternative to what is available elsewhere in the market.  This underpinning philosophy requires us to be incredibly flexible and also open to change.  Without change and flexibility we become like every other provider and cease to be refreshingly different.

One such change has just occurred and it’s a biggie.  As of 9th March 2014 John Gilmartin, our Sales and Marketing Director, stood down from his post.  At the same time, our Operations Director in the Republic of Ireland, David Henderson, also stood down.

Having founded the companies that would go on to become The Pension Solutions Group Ltd (PSG) and PSG SIPP Ltd, John assumed the role of the Sales and Marketing Director for PSG and continued to offer his clients access to uncompromised pension schemes and control of their investments.

PSG has since flourished and roles, responsibilities and structures have had to adapt to accommodate that.  John’s and David’s futures lie with their other interests and the future of PSG is reliant, among other things, on the daily and active presence of its Executive Directors.

The end of an era for PSG and all involved with it to date and the start of a new one for PSG and all still involved with it, but also for John and David and we wish them all the best.

“PSG took the time to build a relationship with me, they understand what I need and they’ve got the technical expertise and customer service to consistently meet the high standards expected by our clients”

Gary Neill, Ashtree Financial Services


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