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How do you cope without your Projects and Process Manager for a year?

The truth is, we don’t fully know but we just starting to find out.  Nat went on Maternity Leave in July and isn't due back until the latter half of May 2014! 

As if losing Charmian to retirement wasn’t enough, the office is now a whole lot quieter and the tea consumption a lot lower

Though Nat’s role is not a Client or Adviser facing one, to overstate the simplicity of it; every thing she does for us is ultimately about making the products and services we offer, better.  However, you don’t have to suffer as a result of her twelve months ‘off’.  Nat being Nat, she has ensured that not only are we in great shape to cope in her absence and take on her responsibilities but that we are sufficiently endowed with reference material to do so.  The last thing Nat needs is to have to rebuild her systems because someone like Mike has run amok with them. 

So rest assured, business will continue as usual even if for us it’s not going to be the same until she’s back, and she’d better come back.

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