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House turns Pike

We’ve known since about fives minutes after Nat started here that amongst her many and not inconsiderable talents, if you had to pick one that really characterised her, it’d have to be her ability to organise. 

I don’t just mean a half decent Sunday roast or a glamping holiday with the girls, but the Olympics, a manned mission to Mars; that kind of thing.

So it was no surprise to us, as each day slipped into a month and the yawning gap between Matt’s perfectly timed proposal in New York to the day of their amazing wedding in the Hampshire country side rapidly closed, that Nat more than had it covered.

Nat, of course looked amazing and Matt a handsome nervous wreck and we all looked on proudly as we made full use of the generous free bar and seemingly endless supply of brilliantly selected canapés.  A truly great day was had by all and thank you to Nat (and Matt) for letting your colleagues share it with you.

As I write, Nat and Matt are on their Honeymoon, avoiding the continuing grimness of the weather on our grey little island and soaking up the rays somewhere we’d all rather be.  As for the weather on the big day? typically, and yet still utterly amazingly; perfect.  Barely a wisp of cloud all day long marked the day out as possibly the only one since March to actually suit a reception in a marquee.  A day, a week, a month earlier and it would have been a very different and soggy story, but then that’s Nat for you.

So our Miss House is now our Mrs Pike and although she might not feel the same way, once she’s home and the last of the weddings presents have been unwrapped, we can’t wait for her to get back and start organising us again.

They’d just better actually use that cocktail shaker!

In all of my dealings with Natalie she has never failed to impress me with her integrity, focus and organisation.  Projects that most would find daunting to say the least don’t seem to phase Natalie at all and I always know I’m in very safe hands when Natalie takes responsibility for a project.

Pete Blanchard, Mortgage Adviser, Halifax