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Finally! Something to cheer about in international news: SIPPs!

Europe has long been the domain of the QROPS and for those familiar with them, SIPPs might seem like an exclusively British thing?  Well, happily, this is not the case.  While the concept of an International SIPP is quite new and it remains the case that SIPPs are confined to the UK, this is only in terms of the product.  Clients and their Financial Adviser can be based anywhere and, like a Fidget Spinner, their popularity around the world is on the rise.  News worth celebrating indeed, but not all International SIPP providers were created equal, so make sure you choose yours wisely.

The UK might be embroiled in a largely unedifying exit from Europe but thankfully, there is a SIPP provider which refuses to be inward looking and has flung its doors open to international clients who meet the criteria to set up a SIPP in the UK, regardless of where they themselves live. 

Why a SIPP and why PSG?

International SIPPs are a relatively new area of the SIPP market, currently represented by a small number of providers.  It is unlikely that many others will join in, which has the effect of limiting clients’ choices and potentially leads Professional Advisers to wonder what real choice they have.  Further great news is that the teams at PSG SIPP Limited and Harbour Pensions Group have worked hard to develop and refine a complete product package that offers maximum investment potential whilst taking as much of the hassle out of it all as is possible. 

PSG SIPP Limited never embarks on a new enterprise without first fully understanding the implications of doing so and without being 100% happy with the compliance of it.  This attitude forms an important part of our core values without it hampering our mission to be genuinely different.  In our case, different means technically on point, truly client focused and, keen to work with Financial Advisers rather just pay lip service to their needs and concerns.

The Harbour International SIPP is the logical choice for Professional Advisers crying out for a product that combines knowhow with flexibility and support. 

“Our SIPP delivers access to whole of market standard assets backed by administrations systems that are designed around the needs of the client and their Adviser”. 

Speed, accuracy and expertise are hard to find under one roof, even if you are prepared to pay a premium for it.  We are offering all of this at a truly competitive rate and with the reassurance that the model is backed by a solid legal and compliance basis for dealing with the specialist requirements of working with clients and advisers in the international space.  Both the SIPP Operator and the SIPP Promotor enjoy reputations for being reliable, knowledgeable and dependable.  No lingering doubts about the long-term viability of our model thank you very much.

What’s more, Professional Advisers will be very pleased to learn that our approach to delivering and maintaining these products is very much centered around the client and their Adviser.  We provide dedicated points of contact on a portfolio basis and will turn things around with unrivalled speed and accuracy.  That’s not to say that we are perfect, but what we are is ready to impress and always more than happy to tweak how we do things following receipt of feedback.

PSG Harbour International SIPP

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