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Brexit and what it means for your pension with PSG

Or… Keep Calm and Talk to Your Adviser

None of our pensions products have an EU or international dimension; SIPPs, SSAS and wider pension tax law are very much routed in domestic policy. It is very much a case of ‘business as usual’ here at PSG HQ. We do not anticipate any immediate changes in the pension tax law as a result of the decision by the country, however, there may well be consequences for the economy and investment beyond the initial ones we see this morning.

We are not experts on the economy (and even those who are seem to be fumbling for a clue currently) so can’t forecast what storms we might be about to hit. Our best tool when the challenge is uncertainty is the ability to adapt, so we are recommending that our clients consider maximising the flexibility and opportunities for wealth generation using the pension regime we have in this country to equip you with an umbrella and sunhat (or sandbags at your door and some factor 50).  PSG has a suite of effective products designed to be nimble and provide choice for our clients in order to achieve their aims and objectives and we do not believe that any of this is in any way compromised by last night’s decision.

In the short term, talk with your adviser or a member of the PSG team. We will, as ever, be right on top of any changes in legislation and the financial landscape should they arise, and ensure your provision continues to provide you with the best value possible.