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Bacon, Pastry and now Pensions

It seems our friends from over the North Sea aren’t just savvy when it comes to longboats, pastry and of course, bacon.  They appear to know a thing or two about pensions too.  In fact, so confident are they that they can out strip the typical growth offered in the UK (and why wouldn’t they be) that they are offering an alternative to auto enrolment, right here in the UK.

Those that cast their eyes over the money pages of the UK press might have spotted a startling article about the returns that the Danish have been enjoying on their pensions.  One such article was that published by The Guardian, who carried a brief report on ATP, the €78bn Danish national pension fund and how it had made an overall return on assets of 26% in 2011 and has averaged 10.3% per year for the last decade.

Meanwhile the Danes are looking across the North Sea to us and eyeing one of the only countries in the developed world with a negative return on pensions in the last five and ten years.

Opinions will, in places, align on why we should be on the receiving end of such poor returns but so too will they differ.  Is it our focus on short term performance, or London being the centre of the whole financial system (and all that inevitably brings) or simply because guarantees, such as those enjoyed by the Danish, seem impossible to offer our investors because the private sector will always take too much out and the government will find other things to spend it on?

Don’t be fooled into thinking these figures relate exclusively to people subject to auto-enrolment or who are otherwise in something very vanilla provided by one of our big, bland high street brands.  Far too many people that assume the USP boasted by their chosen provider of their Personal Pension, or in many cases, even their SIPP, will at least get them a return that made the whole endeavour worthwhile.  All too often this will not be the case.

All we know for sure is that this can only help people to look at the Self Invested end of the pensions world a little closer.  Be it through a SIPP or a SSAS, this sector of the Pensions Industry is likely to be the only one that can (subject to the advice given and decisions made), provide real growth for investors.

Our Advantage SIPP is a clever way to, cost effectively, get above the first rung on the ladder and have a platform for growth that does not rely on the clunky old method of investing in a fund or group of funds through a Life Office.  The PSG Aspire SIPP is the same industry leading structure but offers even greater flexibility and even greater opportunity to outstrip the growth (or lack of) typical of the types of pension the UK has a deservedly poor reputation for.

“It has been important to me and Jean to have things set out in plain understandable terms, this you have always done for us.  We consider the way you are handling things for us to be first class and we look forward to your further help in the future.”

Peter Clarkson, Modular Scaffolding and Building Equipment Limited


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