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A Company on the Move

We are excited to announce that PSG has moved to new offices in the splendid environs of Box House.  We spent the previous four years at Pickwick Park, barely a mile away, and it did us proud.  We have fond memories of our time there and we are proud of the great work we did.  Work that grew the company to the point we needed more room for our expanding team (not cake related).  That said we couldn't be more excited about our new space.

Our new office is called The Gardener’s Store and sits in the beautiful 11 acre grounds of Box House.  It is not, as the name might suggest to the cynics among you, a glorified shed, but actually a pleasingly un-office-like stone and timber building; a stylish bolthole of a work space.

As well as being a lovely place to come to work, the Gardener’s Store symbolises what we’ve all made of the company (during a period in the industry that has tested everyone and seen many fail) and how we are poised to step things up over the next couple of years.

Thanks to the lovely teams at Blueview, Arrow, Vysiion and BMinc for making the move as painless and faff free as these things can be.

We can’t know how quickly we’ll run out of space but we can be confident that our next move will be into a bespoke environment that is owned the right way; in a pension scheme.



Our new address, in case you fancy popping over for a brew with a view: The Gardeners Store, Box House, Bath Road, Box, Corsham  SN13 8AA