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Creative thinking and a bit of flexibility

Client background

Pension Schemes can be a real lifeline for you, whether you are an incorporated business, Sole Trader or a Partnership trying to grow or stabilise your business.  All you need (apart from love of course) is a client focused approached, a creative thought and a bit of flexibility from your pension scheme provider.

The challenge

Fast forward to a couple of years ago and one of them, whilst ice bound in Terminal 5 of Heathrow during its brief incarnation as a cross between a shopping arcade and a soup kitchen, decides that now is a good time to buy another commercial property using his SIPP.

This client and two individuals new to the picture, find a suitable property which is on the market for £500,000 which they agree to buy with a split of ownership of 40/40/20.  The original client being one of the 40% owners.

Our input

Through the combination of the Independent Financial Adviser’s specialist and considered advice and our innovative and unique processes, we put the client in a position where they retained full control of their property, whilst becoming debt free and having mitigated some of their tax liabilities at the same time.

The outcome

The magic bit

There’s loads more we could tell you about what happened, about how we did it and about how it could be used to help you and your clients.  In fact, there are lots of added benefits that come with this process, but we’d rather not go revealing any more just now.  Instead, if these problems sound at all familiar and you’d like to talk to us to see what we did for this client, how it actually led to us and the adviser picking up 5 new ones and if we can help you and your clients in any way, we’ll happily fill in the blanks at a meeting with you.

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“Having (sometimes unfortunately!) had to deal with other organisations similar to PSG, I can honestly say how impressed I have been at the professional service they provide to clients.  Complicated matters are made easy to understand in a very friendly and efficient manner.  It is always a pleasure to do business with them and I cannot recommend them too highly”

David Barr
Brighouses Solicitors


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