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In a world where supermarkets position financial services alongside breakfast cereals, pension plans are perceived by many as a pretty ordinary necessity. Something to store under the kitchen sink until the day you need it.

Like supermarkets vying to sell everyone everything, cumbersome superstores exist for financial services too. Providers compete for shelf space, while clients are dazzled by packaging and Plain English promises.

Is it okay to decide a financial future in much the same way as you choose one yogurt over another? We think not.

Thankfully, when it comes to pensions, the professional and independent advice of an adviser is built into the shopping experience. This is where we come in; we’re here to help advisers help clients. Think of us as the financial adviser’s personal shopper. In dealing with specialist pensions, we are a team of experts who know the ins and outs, tricks and tips of a particularly complex field.

When it comes to true and full self-invested pensions, PSG are the people to come to when your more discerning customer is better suited to abandoning the high street in search of craftsmanship and character. The clever SIPPs, SASSs and other solutions provided by PSG bring together the credentials, skills and expert knowledge that a smart investor needs, giving them a solution that fits them like a glove.


"PSG really understand the pensions world and the complexities and opportunities within it. They very swiftly understood our requirement and proposed and clearly explained effective solutions to the problem we faced. In a very short timescale they then worked together with us, frequently going the extra mile, to prepare and co-present a seminar to our individual pension holders that enabled them to understand and effectively evaluate the proposal we were making."

Alastair Page,
Grangeside Business Centre

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